We believe in the power of strong Research and Development in discovering new technology. The core foundation of our Research and Development is Artificial Intelligence. We strongly believe that it will reboot and revolutionise all existing technology. Our main focused is to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in the Medical Industry. We are committed on the following Research and Development. 


The volume of all healthcare data recently reached 200 exabytes. In the future the volume of healthcare data will soon be zettabyte and yottabyte scale. The speed of data in the medical industry will soon explode. We strongly believe that 90% of data in the health industry are unstructured. Unlike in other industry, Healthcare data is a valuable commodity and worth hoarding because it is related in the past, present and future. The more we have of it, the more we can learn from it but there is risk of becoming data rich but insight poor. The accumulation of vast data is continuous but no use if there’s nothing to do it.

Medical algorithms are the answer to these vast data explosion. With the use of cognitive technology we are developing a program that learn, analyze, think and reason. Our program can access millions of information in seconds. The basic definition of an algorithm is simple: a step-by-step set of instructions for solving a problem or performing a task. If we are successful Medical algorithms will answer all the uncertainly on all medical decision-making whilst improving efficiency and accuracy.


Today there is still not drug that can cure cancer,diabetes,alzhemeris,sepsis,HIV and other deadly diseases. We believe that the next generation of drug will come from an algorithmic Biotechnology. We are committed in transforming existing treatment of diseases by developing therapies that comes from stem cell, antibodies, RNA, microRNA, Nanotechnology, Monoclonal Antibodies, Immunotherapy and molecular Drugs. With the breakthrough that we are seeing everyday in life science, the way treat diseases will radically change and understanding it better and finding a cure by using Artificial Intelligence.


With issues on accuracy, speed of delivery, cost, results, complexity, and need for Third party intervention. Diagnostic Industry needs innovation. Today detecting diseases detection only happens when symptoms appear. That is too late to ay life threatening diseases where just a simple delay matters. It’s too expensive for our families, and for humanity. We cannot loose a war against cancer, diabetes, alzhemeris, sepsis, HIV and other deadly diseases. I t will only cost us billions of dollar and it also cost us the people we love. We are developing a Cognitive Diagnostic Technology where we can analyze, interpret, reason, understand and learn the cause of diseases. Still the best way to fight these deadly is to routinely diagnose at an early stage. Understanding the data today for the better tomorrow.


Deep learning is part of a broader family of machine learning methods based learning representation of data. We are developing a Deep Control Learning intelligence to advance the medical industry. Unlike other industry where a complete Deep Learning Intelligence is an advantage. We emphasize the “control “ intelligence because part of the medical industry cannot be learned by program and still need to be interpreted by medical experts. We are developing a more advanced research on Deep Control Learning Intelligence focusing on identifying the causes of deadly diseases through biomarkers and genomics.


Our current Cognitive Biosensor Technology uses Evolutionally Intelligence where it allows the Artificial Intelligence to evolve, think, reason and learn. It’s a perfect technology in the Medical Industry. We are developing our Medical Evolutionary Intelligence to find its own solutions, learning, understanding, reasoning, adapting, evolving and producing better and better ideas in line with efficiency and accuracy.