Science,Medicine,Electronics meets Artificial Intelligence

Time is the very foundation of what we do.

Don’t ignore your health, our time passes quickly that we measure it by seconds.

Today there are hundred of millions of people suffering from incurable diseases such as HIV, Diabetes, Cancer and other deadly diseases known to man. 2 out of 3 of these patients will die because of it.

Today, majority of people in other countries doesn’t have any access a healthcare system and to early detection methods.

Today incurable diseases such as cancer, sepsis, tuberculosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other diseases occurs only happen when symptoms appear. That is too late, when even short treatment delays can be life threatening.

Today, medical diagnostic test results take few days or months. That’s a lot of waiting time for diseases that are highly contagious.

Today, medical diagnostic is based on molecular diagnostic industry that relies on bulky expensive machines that makes the test more expensive to the people.

Our Technology provides guidance for today and hope for the future. Its time to transform the health industry with new approaches, new thinking and new researches by partnering with technology. Almost 90% of health data is unknown because it’s unorganized. With our cognitive technology we can do and analyze more impossibilities that can provide answers in todays pressing issues for the benefits of the future. We can realize more productivity that seems impossible. Our technology can be applied in various areas and industries. With strong research and development backup by academe we believe we can harness this technology into new hikes and reach impossibilities.